Voices of the Met Cathedral captures and shares the memories of Liverpool's Metropolitan Cathedral from the last 50 years.

2017 marks the 50th anniversary of the Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral. As part of the Jubilee celebrations,  METRO-BOULOT-DODO has created a fascinating audio project in partnership with the Metropolitan Cathedral. Voices of The Met Cathedral is a Heritage Lottery Funded Project that recorded 50 interviews with 50 members of the public to capture a variety of momentous occasions that have taken place at the Cathedral. The result is a fascinating listening post trail which launched on May 18th 2017 along Hope Street, Liverpool. The listening posts will later move to Liverpool ONE from 3rd July - 3rd September before returning to the Metropolitan Cathedral. Our research and the resulting audio are all based around 5 themes that we wanted to find out more about:

The final tracks on each theme are now available under the "TRACKS' section of the site.


A Modernist Cathedral in 1967: What did people think about this modernist structure appearing at the end of Hope Street in 1967? Lots of people had an opinion, whether they loved it or loathed it? 

Opening Celebrations: Thousands attended or took part in the opening ceremony and the cultural programme that followed. Whether singing in the choir or choreographing a dance, there are so many memories from this chapter in the Cathedral's history.

Summer Of Love: The Metropolitan Cathedral opened in May 1967, the so called Summer of Love. Sgt Pepper and The Mersey Sound were both released in 1967. We discover more about this exciting time in Liverpool and beyond.

The Papal Visit: John Paul II visited Liverpool in 1982, walking from the Anglican Cathedral to the Metropolitan Cathedral. This infamous occasion was just one year after the Toxteth Riots. Hear memories from this turbulent time, and the effect of the Pope's visit to Liverpool.

The Cathedral Today: The Metropolitan Cathedral is an iconic landmark on Liverpool’s skyline. A modernist Structure that can still divide opinion. What are people thoughts on its design in 2017? 

METRO-BOULOT-DODO completed an interview phase, collecting more than 50 interviews from a range of people who have links to the building past and present. Massive thank you to everyone who has generously given their time and shared their memories.

METRO-BOULOT-DODO also gathered an amazing group of volunteers who formed a research group. The group have attended workshops and research trips as well as hearing talks about the Cathedral's history. They even learned skills in conducting and recording interviews and gathered many of the stories from our interviewees. If you want to find out more about the activities that volunteers took part in plase click on the "volunteers" link to find out more.