What a Great Debate!

Today the research group was treated to a fantastic presentation and debate on 1967's Summer Of Love. The Metropolitan Cathedral opened in 1967 and therefore the research group are looking at how this very modernist building sits within the framework of that historic year. The morning kicked off with a fantastic presentation from Spencer Leigh, who covered many of the key milestones of the cultural scene of 1967, we listened to poetry, music and discussed some of the key moments within Liverpool's avant guard movement in 1967. A particular favourite was when Spencer Leigh talked about how he had covered Yoko Ono's feet with bandages whilst Adrian Henri covered her chest, pointing out that he had touched Yoko Ono before John Lennon....

Mike Brocken and Ron Ellis then joined Spencer Leigh and the event became more of a debate. Mike Brocken was keen to point out that Liverpool was a very conservative city and the avant guard scene was a very discrete minority with the majority of Liverpudlians being pretty unaware of the so called "Summer Of Love" Ron Ellis, a music agent in the 1960's highlighted some great venues and bands which portrayed the diversity of Liverpool's music scene during 1967. 

Our research group then asked a number of very interesting questions, we discussed the issues and merits of  oral history when trying to research accurately, which was particularly thought provoking. The research group then broke off into small groups and decided areas of interest and potential questions for our Summer Of Love theme. 

Tomorrow we head to the Central Library to discover how to access their archive and to start our desk based research!