Field Trip: The Museum of Liverpool

Today the research group all went on a field trip to Liverpool Museum where we were treated to a curatorial tour of Wondrous Place and the magnificent model of  Lutyens Cathedral which was never completed. Paul Gallagher spoke very passionately of how the museum's purpose was to share a variety of stories from all walks of life and how those stories would often overlap. Paul also shared his experiences of oral archiving which was very valuable to the group who are about to start their own oral archiving journey next week.

In Wondrous Place the group came across a variety of items from The Mersey Sound Poets Adrian Henri, Roger Mcouth and Brian Pattern which was very interesting regarding our theme of The Summer Of Love. The group was then introduced to Jeff Speakman an archeologist who worked on the exhibition of the Lutyens model at Liverpool Museum. Jeff gave a wonderful talk on the heritage of the cathedral and then shared some wonderful memories and insights on the model itself. One of my favourites was how children would play football around the model when it was stored in the crypt of the Cathedral and how visitors would be able to poke their heads inside the model, I can only imagine the magical view. 

This afternoon I recorded an interview with Father Anthony for BBC Radio Merseyside to promote the project which will be played on Sunday morning around 8am so do listen if you get a chance. Tomorrow the research group will start their training on the technical skills of oral archiving and of course the "Art of Asking Questions"